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We have a full range of traditional facial and aesthetic treatments available including chemical peels, LED light therapy and medical skin needling. Through your free consultation we will discuss various options to decide the best treatments to target your specific needs and budget.  However, below we have described some treatment options for your convenience.

Treatments are interchangeable and can be put together to compliment various individual requirements. For advice on your specific needs please arrange your free consultation to get your bespoke treatment plan.


Calm ⍿ Revitalise ⍿ Clarify ⍿ Anti-Ageing

The advanced skin science of PRIORI® and Medik8® offer numerous, luxurious facial treatments and aesthetic treatments to achieve maximum results. Bespoke packages are available to combat all skin concerns - from deep hydration to acne-prone or hormonal skin.

We can reveal your best skin.

Medik8® Skin Treatments

Medik8® Resurfacing Facial

An enzymatic resurfacing treatment which targets a dull skin appearance. Hydrating and deep cleansing, this treatment will give skin a boost and leave you feeling refreshed and polished.

45 minutes - £65

Medik8® Skin Rejuvenating Facial

A powerful triple exfoliation, resurfacing treatment targeting dull, tired and devitalised skin. Skin is polished and refined using physical and light peel exfoliants leaving it feeling brighter and smoother. Perfect for skin that needs a real boost.

50 minutes - £75

Medik8® Deep Hydration Facial

A complete nourishing and comforting facial to designed to restore vitality and moisture to dull, dry and compromised skin. Gentle exfoliation allows the replenishing formulations to deliver deep, lasting hydration - followed by a relaxing lymph drainage massage with moisture boosting oils to plump and restore skin luminosity.

60 minutes - £75

Medik8® Radiance Facial

This luxurious, illuminating treatment will brighten even the dullest skin. A targeted results-driven facial to combat uneven pigmentation and skin tone, breathing new radiance and luminosity into the skin.

60 minutes - £75

Medik8® Age-Defying Facial

A relaxing age-defying facial that infuses the skin with core active ingredients, Vitamin C to protect and regenerate and Vitamin A to stimulate and correct, revealing a more youthful appearance. Massage with a rich antioxidant loaded oil aids lymph drainage and restores luminosity and moisture to the skin.

60 minutes - £75

Medik8® Redness Calming Facial

A gentle, soothing treatment which uses gentle cleansing and proprietary masks designed to instantly calm inflamed, flushed, sensitive skin using our hero range Calmwise.

60 minutes - £75

Medik8® Balancing Facial

Deep cleansing actives are used to target oily, problematic and blemished skin. Re-balancing products are used throughout this facial to smooth, calm and generate a clearer complexion.

60 minutes - £75

Medik8® Pore Refinining Facial

An instantly illuminating, nourishing and hydrating treatment to revitalise tired eyes.

50 minutes - £65

PRIORI® Adaptive Skincare

PRIORI® Prescription Facial

Refresh and pamper your skin with this lovely introduction to the PRIORI® Adaptive Skincare range. A bespoke treatment adapted to your individual needs will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised - with emphasis on exfoliation and hydration. This ultimate adaptive treatment is an enzyme-based all-natural skin peel. This Masque’s dual action helps to treat dead skin cells, comedones, blackheads and acne that keep your skin from looking its best, and also helps to nourish, restore and deeply hydrate.

50 minutes - £65

PRIORI® Age-Defence Facial

This illuminating facial incorporates an enzyme exfoliator, a relaxing lymph drainage facial massage with a replenishing mask to help restore, replenish and soothe for a smoother, tighter more supple appearance. DNA enzymes and Vitamins C & E are applied to complete your facial with additional products specific to your individual needs to help reverse DNA damage, leaving skin deeply smoothed, hydrated and radiant.

60 minutes - £78

PRIORI® Luxury Skin Health Facial

The ultimate treatment, achieving dramatic and visible results. A facial with the 'wow factor', this multi-faceted treatment promotes skin rejuvenation, smooths and hydrates on a dermal level. Skin appears clearer with enhanced elasticity, texture, tone and clarity. This luxurious treatment provides age defying benefits and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while brightening the complexion. Relax and lose yourself in a wealth of massage and unique, innovative skincare benefits that will leave your skin looking more radiant, refreshed and youthful. Clinically proven to add extra benefit to your treatment, finalise your treatment with Lightfusion™ to calm, heal and stimulate further cellular renewal to plump and firm the skin and extend your treatment benefits.

80 minutes - £90

PRIORI® Soothing Eye Treatment

Designed to provide a fast, visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines in the delicate skin around the eyes. Combines our award winning Smoothing Eye Serum with a unique combination of active ingredients and gentle exfoliating action to deliver fast skin firming results.

30 minutes - £40

Working with both PRIORI® Adaptive Skincare and Medik8® CSA philosophies allows us to use the most advanced, clinically proven ingredients to support any skin concern. 

PRIORI® offers products based around combining specific active ingredients to create complexes which can treat multiple concerns in one product.  These complexes include: LCA (a lactic acid and multi vitamin blend), Q+SOD (a Q10 and super antioxidant blend) and DNA repair formulas which deliver skin repair, hydration and protection at a cellular level

Medik8® work with their CSA philosophy to protect and strengthen the skin with a multitude of vitamins and antioxidants, specifically high concentrations of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Both ranges offer aesthetic chemical peel and medical skin needling treatments. For further information on these treatments please follow the links.

Please note: although all treatments are available on an individual basis, to optimise results we always recommend a course of treatment to achieve longer lasting benefits. Bespoke skin treatment plans can be designed using different combinations of skincare therapies to address your specific concerns. Request your free consultation and treatment plan today.

*Every one of us is unique so results may vary - therefore Paula Coombs Beauty Therapy cannot guarantee specific results.  Please note some therapies may require the use of a home-care product in advance to prepare your skin for more advanced treatments.


I have very sensitive skin, are your facials suitable for me ?  
Both PRIORI® and Medik8® have ranges which are specifically designed to not just be safe for sensitive skin but to actively help calm it.  Lightfusion™ is also an excellent way of strengthening sensitive skin.  
I would like to buy a gift voucher but I don't know what treatment I need.
Gift vouchers are available in any denomination and so you do not have to specify what treatment you would like until the time of booking.  
My mother is elderly but would like a treatment - is this possible ?
Absolutely.  Many of the facial treatments are designed to be nourishing and very relaxing and so they are perfect for mature skin.  You are very welcome to stay during the treatment if this is appropriate.
What is the difference between a facial peel and a chemical peel ?
A facial peel is an exfoliation of the top layer of the skin using enzymes, delivered to the skin via a mask.  This is usually left on for ten minutes, leaving the skin smooth and softened.  A chemical peel is an aesthetic procedure which uses various types and pH of acid to actively remove layers of skin to reveal newer skin cells and promote cell renewal.  We offer different strengths of peels, depending on your needs.
My child has just started getting spots.  Can you help us?
I am very passionate about this particular subject because I know how upsetting it can be, but also how confusing it is when choosing products and treatments to help.  I very much believe less is best and am very happy to advise on simple routines which can help combat these hormonal changes.
Will you treat teenagers ?
I know that many salons and therapists are reluctant to treat young people but I believe there is much I can help with and so as long as you are present and give consent I am happy to treat them.
How often should I have a facial ?
Depending on your specific concerns or needs, we advise a regular facial of once a month when looking to deep cleanse and keep the skin clear and well hydrated.  Courses of treatments are recommended for more specific issues - going on to monthly maintenance to keep up the effects.
I am pregnant.  Can I still have a facial ?
Hormone changes during pregnancy can result in unusual skin behaviour when pregnant so we need to be very careful what we put on the skin, but if treated with caution, sensitive skin treatments are suitable for expectant mothers.
  • "I have had a number of facials and other treatments with Paula.
    She is knowledgable and very professional, offering great advice on suitable treatments. Paula has a lovely beauty room and makes you feel so relaxed.
    I highly recommend her for all your beauty needs."


  • "Paula is the most welcoming beautician in the area. Her warm and clean treating room is so relaxing!
    I have been going there for beauty treatments and some really needed pregnancy massages; not only did the massages always made me feel like I was floating on air after but she also was full of really good advise to take home and continue to treat my body at home."


  • "Paula has a great technique for a deep tissue back massage – she has concentrated on areas on my back that contribute to my tight neck & shoulders; previously not discovered by other massages I've had.
    Very professional and brings all the gear conveniently to our house. She is petit but strong! Highly recommended."


  • I had many of skin tags on my neck which caused me great embarrassment and lose my confidence about myself tried many products but was unsuccessful I used Paula’s s freeze pen service and within 10-14 days they were all gone ! Highly recommend …good professional company I will certainly use for all my skin care needs Can’t praise and thank you enough


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